Systems Capabilities

Jessup designs plating equipment to meet specific customer needs. Efficient layout and superb build quality are hallmarks of every barrel plating or rack plating system. Demonstrated experience includes:
Plating hoists and controls

  • Single or multiple hoists to 15,000 lbs capacity
  • Intuitive, self-diagnostic, web accessible HMI/PC/PLC control
  • Bar code, RFID, or manual keypad input capable
  • HMI Touch screen machine control with 10,000 recipe capacity
  • Fully programmable up-barrel rotation, process time, and rectification
  • Non-contact linear encoder, laser, and cam plate hoist positioning
  • Fault annunciation with self diagnostic instruction

Load & unload material handling equipment

  • Automatic barrel cover handling
  • Automated barrel loading and unloading systems
  • Weigh-in or weigh-out vibratory/conveyor feeders
  • Load cart and hoist mounted scales and load cells
  • Noise abatement enclosures
  • Automatic positioning load/unload systems
  • Fully automated rack/barrel storage and retrieval

Tank & plating equipment

  • Poly, fiberglass, and stainless steel process tanks
  •  HTR, PVC, Koroseal, and Kynar lined process tanks
  • Powered wet or dry transfer shuttles
  • Programmable in-tank rack agitation
  • Programmable in-tank and up-barrel rotation
  • Tank rim air knives and in-line blow down cells
  • Full tank and halo spray systems
  • Air, pumped, and mechanical agitation

Dryer and oven equipment

  • Centrifugal, in-line, and off-line rack and barrel dryers
  • Fully integrated in-line de-watering and bake ovens

Operator safety

  • Laser scanning, ultrasonic, light beam, light curtain, and interlocking gate safety devices
  • Wireless remote controls for manual operation
  • Fault annunciation with self diagnostic instruction
  • Pre-programmed self-annunciating cycle-based maintenance schedule

Turn-key plating systems include integrated rectifiers, filters, boilers, chillers, ultrasonics, zinc generators, exhaust ventilation, water conditioning and waste water treatment systems. Jessup Systems equipment is composed of only commercially available industrial grade components. Turn-key responsibility extends to installation, start-up, and training. A comprehensive spare parts list and lifetime e-support is also included. Experience, practical engineering, quality workmanship, and a dedication to customer satisfaction earned Jessup Systems a reputation for building the most competitive barrel plating, rack plating, and associated plating equipment on the market. We are proud of that reputation and stand behind every machine that we build.