History & Philosophy

Jessup Systems began manufacturing programmable hoist automation for the metal finishing industry in 1971. Industry success has proven Jessup hoist systems the most flexible, reliable, and efficient method for immersion processing applications.

Jessup Systems has grown to become a turn-key plating equipment provider. Hoist automation is often fully integrated with material handling and support equipment such as ventilation, rectifiers, chemical pumps, and waste treatment systems. As a result, we install more new plating systems each year than any other company.

In-house electrical, mechanical and controls engineering departments continuously refine machine designs. They deliver the most technically advanced, easy to use and reliable plating equipment available. Our customers appreciate this technology. They have proven the soundness of our designs in the marketplace.

Experience, practical engineering, quality workmanship, and a dedication to customer satisfaction have earned Jessup Systems a strong industry reputation. We build the most competitive plating systems in the market today. We stand behind every machine that we build.