Industries Served

Jessup Systems has designed and built hoist systems for plating and cleaning processes including:  Anodize, Black Oxide, Brass, Bronze, Cadmium, Copper, Copper/nickel/brass, Copper/silver, Copper/tin, Cleaning, Conversion coatings, Chromates, Electro-less Nickel (EN), Electrolytic Nickel, Electro-coat (E-Coat), Etch & Dye Penetrant, Hard Chrome, Iron Phosphate, Zinc Phosphate, Manganese Phosphate, Pickle & Lube, Passivation, Plate/Bake/Chromate, Electroplate, Nickel/chrome, Tin & Tin Alloys, Zinc & Zinc Alloys, and Autophoretics (A-coat).

Jessup barrel and rack plating systems currently finish parts for industries including:  Agriculture, Aircraft, Aluminum Extrusions, Appliances, Automotive, Boats/ships, Building/construction, Door hardware, Electronics, Fasteners, Furniture, Hardware, Household goods, Jewelry, Marine hardware, Machinery/industrial, Medical, Military, Motorcycle, Mining, Pipe & fittings, Plumbing fixtures, Railroad, Refinery, Rubber molding, Sporting goods, Hand & power tools, Trucks, Wire goods, and Ordnance.