Why Jessup

Customers look to Jessup for rugged, reliable, and cost effective plating equipment. They are pleased to find that major components including plating hoists, track, frame, load/unload equipment, plating barrels, dryers, and controls are built at our 44,000 square foot Rochester Hills, Michigan location.

Those unfamiliar with Jessup are surprised at our broad-based experience. It includes barrel and rack phosphate and e-coating systems with mechanical plating and dip-spin paint coating among the list of finishing options. Installations include numerous metal and plating on plastic (POP) rack plating and coating systems. State-of-the-art features typically include full length non-contact linear encoders coupled with variable frequency drives to enable smooth, virtually sway-free operation and precise positioning for even the largest rack plating equipment. Cable carriers provide quiet operation with improved umbilical durability and aesthetics. Wireless remote control improves operator safety during manual operations. Automatic storage and retrieval is becoming increasingly popular for large rack plating and barrel plating systems.

Customers benefit from Jessup single and twin basket chromate and drying system experience. Most equipment incorporates top and bottom grip stainless steel centrifuge baskets. Work moves to commercially available centrifuge type dryers by means of Jessup plating hoists. This method delivers high production volume with minimal part damage. Some applications are complimented with programmable fully inverted 180-degree load/unload systems. This reduces the possibility of part mixing. Direct labor is reduced to your fork lift driver.

Customers depend on Jessup HMI/PC/PLC controlled plating equipment to deliver repeatable quality and productivity in today’s global market. Process and performance data is stored and exported as a comma separated variable file (CSV). These files enable production optimization, part tracking, and quality certification by a customer’s business management software system.

Customers know Jessup Engineering as cost competitive provider of highly efficient plating equipment. With over 700 integrated systems and countless conversions installed, the Jessup Systems team has tremendous experience integrating an ever-increasing array of mechanical, hydraulic, electric, and electronic components. This translates directly into productivity and profitability for our customers.

Since 1971, customers have come to rely on Jessup Systems for reliable machines and support. We thank all of you for your continued business. For those that would like to take advantage of Jessup industry experience, please contact us at 248-853-5600 for your next plating machine or retrofit.