Automatic Hoists

Every Jessup Systems plating hoist is rugged, reliable, and easy to service. They incorporate commercially available industrial quality components. Non-contact linear encoders or laser position devices offer virtually sway-free motion profiles. Cam plate and limit switch positioning with variable speed drives offers reasonable sway control at a lower cost.

Jessup plating hoists are welded structures that support a lift motor, transfer motor, stainless steel guide columns, belt spools, drive wheels and axles. The transfer motor rotates a sturdy shaft with ball bearing supports through a pair of quiet urethane treaded wheels riding on an overhead track.

Computer controls provide accurate, repeatable positioning over tanks and other processing stations. A separate motor and drive operates the lift shaft to raise and lower the lift arm that carries the plating racks or plating barrels. Other features include direction of travel rack plating tilt feature or cross direction of travel tilt feature, and programmable up barrel plating rotation. An optional service hoist motor is available for safe, convenient, anode or heating coil service.

Finally, Jessup offers a belt lift upgrade for customers with braided steel cable lift systems. Each kit features a web belt, spools, drive upgrades, and all necessary hardware needed to add corrosion-proof, durable, and easy to service polyester belt lift capability to existing barrel plating or rack plating hoists.