Touch Screen HMI/PC/PLC

Intuitive HMI touch screen controls are at the center of every Jessup machine. Displays provide system overviews, recipe options, hoist programming, load/unload monitoring, process functions, load tracking, fault diagnostics, and pre-programmed maintenance schedules. Control features include monitoring and control of plating hoists, process tanks, and accessory plating equipment. They may also includes imbedded drawings, schematics, and operations manuals.

Quick-scan input devices may include laser bar code or radio frequency tag technology. Jessup Systems controls capture and deliver load-by-load process data for exacting part traceability. Comma separated variable files export to customer quality and business management systems through Ethernet communications.

Performance monitoring of barrel plating equipment and rack plating equipment includes total time and cycles, automatic vs. manual operation, load/unload delay, and fault data. The control system provides self diagnostics to speed correction of unexpected stoppages. Detailed screens display fault location and step-by-step actions needed to quickly restore production. Internet based remote monitoring expedites troubleshooting and repairs.

Control features include:

  • Intuitive touch-screen HMI/PC/PLC machine controller
  • Recipe-based engineered batch, mixed, or random cycling
  • Part recognition images or graphics
  • Load-by-load data collection and export
  • Optional multi-lingual screen capability

Process controls include:

  • Tank levels
  • Process temperatures
  • Individual rectification
  • Chemical feeds
  • pH and conductivity
  • Rinse water conservation
  • Air, solution, and work agitation

10,000 recipe capacity touch screen HMI/PC-PLC controls typically monitor and report process time, plate cell rectification, chemistry addition, ventilation, and waste water treatment. Non-contact linear encoder, laser, or cam plate devices deliver repeatable positioning information for Jessup plating hoists.