Load and Unload Equipment

Jessup Systems builds automatic material handling systems for all types of plating equipment. Included are 180-degree fully inverted tote box dumpers, sound proof enclosures, dry and wet rinse shuttles, superstructure cleaners, and automatic positioning rack load/unload systems. Other support equipment includes powered shuttles, manual load carts, and multiple in-line load/unload stations. Automatic plating barrel or plating rack storage and retrieval systems are also available. Jessup material handling experience includes automatic positioning elevators, and automatic barrel cover handling. Process enhancements include tank rim air knives and in-line blow down cells, full tank and halo spray systems, and air, pumped and mechanical agitation devices. Jessup builds powered wet or dry transfer shuttles, in-tank rack agitation, and in-tank and up plating barrel rotation. Fully integrated centrifugal, in-line, and off-line dryers are available along with in-line hydrogen embrittlement relief ovens. Rack and barrel plating storage and retrieval systems are popular labor reduction and error proofing devices. Laser scanning, ultrasonic, and light curtains enhance operator safety. Intuitive, self-diagnostic, web accessible PC PLC controls interpret instructions from bar code, RFID, or manual keypad inputs.