Barrel plating, rack plating, rack coating, and basket coating equipment

Jessup Systems is the leading manufacturer of programmable automatic plating hoist systems. We produce equipment for barrel plating, rack plating, alodyne & anodize, E-coat, A-coat, phosphate coating, and dye penetrant inspection of metal and plastic parts. Computer controlled Jessup plating hoists improve productivity and quality for all barrel, rack, and basket processes. Rugged construction and integrated support systems reduce labor, utilities, water consumption, and improve operational uptime.

Plating equipment and plating system capability

Jessup Systems builds automatic and manual barrel plating equipment, rack plating equipment, anodizing equipment, phosphate and chromate coating equipment, and E-coat and A-coat equipment with single and multiple lift plating hoists up to 15,000 lbs capacity at cycle rates up to 36 loads per hour. Available poly, fiberglass, stainless steel, and lined or unlined steel process tank material selection depends on process temperature and chemical resistance. Automated plating barrel load & unload material handling equipment options may include vibratory feeders and scales, and noise abatement enclosures.

Plating equipment integration and turn-key plating systems

Jessup turn-key plating systems include plating barrels integrated rectifiers, filters, boilers, chillers, ultrasonics, zinc generators, exhaust ventilation, water conditioning and waste water treatment. Jessup Systems builds plating equipment from commercially available industrial grade components. Each system includes a comprehensive spare parts list, start up, training, and lifetime e-support. Experience, practical engineering, quality workmanship, and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned Jessup Systems a reputation for building the most competitive plating equipment on the market today. We stand behind every machine that we build. You may request a call, quote, or literature by navigating to the contact page, or contact us at 248-237-1100.