Spare Parts

Jessup Systems builds rugged, reliable plating equipment. Barrel and rackplating hoists, barrel drives, and all supporting components incorporate minimal moving parts. There are no black box devices. Only commercially available industrial grade components are used.

Customers appreciate that each plating system ships with a comprehensive spare parts list. They are encouraged to maintain their own stock of replacement parts. Jessup maintains an in-house inventory of wearable items available for immediate shipment should a component fail. Please contact us at 248-237-1100 for parts availability and pricing.

Hoist Maintenance

Semi-annual plating hoist maintenance combined with an inventory of wearable spares greatly reduces the possibility of unscheduled downtime. It is recommended that customers maintain an inventory of recommended parts: Transfer and lift motor assemblies, guide column rollers, shafts, and adjuster screws are the most important. Drive and guide wheels, bearings, axle shafts, and replacement lift belts are also important. Please contact Jessup Systems for parts availability and pricing at 248-237-1100.

Poly Plating Barrels

The Jessup Systems cylindrical one-piece shell plating barrel design reduces complexity and increases strength. Late model inside out Load Locker designs allow simplified cover handling. Handles, danglers and insulators are among primary wearable items. Secondary items such as bearings, drive gears, and shafts are also included on the list of recommended spares. Plating barrels come in many sizes and shapes, so be sure to contact Jessup at 248-237-1100 for parts availability and pricing.

Stainless Phosphate Barrels

The Jessup Systems one-piece double-welded stainless cylindrical shell barrel reduces complexity and increases strength. Primary spares include cover lock-down bolts & nuts. Wearable items including drive and thrust bearings drive gears and shafts, and ring gears are also among the recommended spares. As with Jessup poly plating barrels, stainless steel phosphate barrels come in many shapes and sizes. Please contact Jessup at 248-237-1100 for parts availability and pricing.