Barrel Systems

Jessup Systems has installed hundreds of turn-key automatic barrel finishing systems. We supply everything from new automatic plate-bake-chromate equipment, to hoist and control upgrades of existing plating equipment. Turn key barrel plating systems may include single or multiple hoists, process tanks, and dryers. Integrated systems include HMI-PC-PLC control for rectifiers, ventilation, air agitation and waste treatment. Automatic tote box dumpers, vibratory feeders, scales, load/unload chutes, and powered shuttles reduce labor content.

High capacity poly, steel, and stainless steel Jessup barrels improve productivity and quality. Our cylindrical plating barrel designs provide 18% more capacity than polygonal types. Consistent part-to-anode spacing speeds the plating process. They also provide more consistent plating through custom tumbler rib placement. Positive electrical contact is the result of a single-point saddle and barrel drive design. Programmable plating barrel rotation and oscillation is available with a touch of the HMI.

Additional process savings is available with Jessup Engineering automatic plating barrel cover handling systems. These devices handle steel or poly covers automatically during the load/unload function. The only direct labor required to operate a cover-handler equipped plating or coating line is your fork lift driver.