Rack Systems

Jessup Systems has installed hundreds of automatic rack plating systems. They operate a wide variety of processes from plating to anodizing to phosphate coating to cleaning and dye penetrant inspection. Turn-key rack plating equipment may include single or multiple hoists with variable speed drives and ultrasonic work bar detection. Safety set-down legs and anti-sway bars are standard features.

Custom features include direction of travel rack tip, cross direction of travel rack tilt, and programmable drip tray capability to manage part drainage. Other popular options include ultrasonic cleaning, in-tank rack agitation, air knives, in-line dryers, and anode service stands. Operator involvement can be further reduced with automatic load/unload elevators and rack storage/retrieval.

Jessup overhead hoist rack plating systems are competitive replacements for rim-runner, split-rail, walking beam, and elevator designs. Productivity is higher due to cycle flexibility. Durability is improved as there are no sliding contacts and fewer wear points.  Maintainability is a snap because of open access to industrial grade commercially available components built into Jessup plating equipment.